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I know...I know...way too long between posts. What can you do? Life sometimes gets in the way of a good thing. So this post goes out to Patricia who is traveling somewhere in Thailand.

She posted a comment asking me If I knew the chords to the Palmyra song from Jolie Holland. I searched for this song a few years ago and couldn't find any information online so I did the next best thing and contacted Jolie herself on Facebook. Click here to find out how that went.

So hopefully this will get you on the right track to playing this song. Don't forget you'll need a capo on the fourth fret to get that authentic Jolie Holland sound to this song.


Palmyra by Jolie Holland

Capo 5th fret

F Only a few old  Em petals left
  On the F rose that touched your hand Em
F My little heart is a Em graveyard
It's a F no man's land C

F You could tell I didn't care C
 F  You kept pushing until I did C
F Woke up in a pit of  C despair on your bed Am
G And I wondered how I could do without you
How absurd, how F absurd
How absurd C

Put my lipstick back on
Look myself in the eye
I'm heading out in the cold hard world
And I'm getting very good at saying my goodbyes
My goodbyes, my goodbyes, my goodbyes

Can you read the inscription
It seems to once have said
"He better take me with him, when he goes I”m good as dead"

Put some roses on the stones
Look your friends in the eye
If nothing else we've got that old second line
And I'll dance at your funeral if you dance at mine
You dance at mine, you dance at mine
You dance at mine, you dance at mine

They took it all and I don't care
Already said my farewell
Sweet Palmyra and that old Ninth Ward
Have to hit that long road that passes straight through hell
Straight through hell, straight through hell

I wish you well
Sweet Palmyra
I wish you well
Sweet Palmyra
I wish you well
Sweet Palmyra

8/20/2012 08:59:36 am

So these are from Jolie herself? She has the capo on the fifth on the Blurt TV clip, and a couple of the chords seem to be different too.

I will try to figure it out.

(She has an amazingly beautiful guitar in that clip btw.)

8/20/2012 11:09:03 pm

Hi HollandFan,

Thank you for the comment. You are absolutely right!! The capo should be on the 5th fret. My mistake and thank you for pointing that out to me. I will make the correction.

As i mentioned in my blog Jolie did send me these chords from her Facebook account. I'm pretty sure they are accurate because i have played that song many times and it sounds right on.

I agree that it's a beautiful guitar but as a left hander myself it's almost impossible to find that kind of Epiphone.


9/2/2012 01:31:56 am

So I have figured out some missing and some different chords. I will look over it with my teacher next week, but it seems to be pretty complete.

I would appreciate if you would take a look, please drop me a line at my email address.


These are very beautiful and unusual lines. The author uses many metaphors, hyperbole, and other stylistic devices. This text was filled with the deep meaning.

8/23/2016 11:45:46 pm

The song is good and I played it for several times. My friends liked it.


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