Hudson Bay
Hello everyone. I've been on a little hiatus from contributing to the site but now it's time to get back on track and back to the basics.
When creating a blog or a website it's easy to get caught up in the technical aspect of it all but the golden rule is always try to add good content.

The guru's out there will say "write Epic posts" no matter what your niche is so now that I have most of the technical stuff sorted out it's time to write something EPIC!!! Epic seems to be th biggest trending word on twitter these days. If you are not on twitter then you are truly missing out on a very strange world.
Personally I find twitter to be quite overwhelming but I have also connected with some really cool people. It's incredible to think that someone living half a world away would be willing to help you out. In this case I like to say thank you to Stauroylla who lives in Cyprus for her support in passing on the good word on Spooning The Fork.

In the picture above, the little fork and spoon we're actually a gift fro one of my readers. What an amazing feeling it was to receive these Christmas ornaments during the holidays from Yolanda. It was very unexpected and so appreciated.

Part of the technical stuff I mentioned was the purchase of the domain name "Spooning The Fork". I am really happy to own the rights to this name now and i'm looking forward to see it grow and branch out into different directions. More specifically I'm hoping to start a section on acoustic guitars in the near future. Along with the new domain name I have also set up a new email address. Please use the contact me page to get in touch.

Damian Rice
Coming soon to The Music finder, I'll be posting some music from  Damian Rice. He is an artist that I admire greatly and i'm sure you will find him quite interesting. I know that many of us have been waiting over three years for him to release a new album. Maybe 2012 is the year??

In the Supper Anxiety section I'll be posting a new recipe that I adapted from a veal Marsala dish. it's one of those can't miss recipes. Stay tuned!!!!

On a completely different subject and maybe a little off topic, I recentlly watched the Sci-Fi movie Apollo 18. The movie itself was ordinary but what I really enjoyed is the link to the website they showed at the end. It`s worth taking a look at especially if you are somewhat of a conspiracy theorist or just a believer in UFO`s.

Here`s the link: 

If you like this have a look at these NASA anomalies.

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