There is often a story behind the discovery of a new artist, musician or song. With Lucinda Williams, the story begins with Mitch Melnyk

  If you are not from Montreal then you have probably never heard this name before. Mitch  Melnyk is a radio broadcaster on TSN the
team990 and he hosts a show called Melnyk in the  afternoon.  Mitch is great at what  he does because he simply loves his work. You'll always know what his position is and he’s not afraid to speak his mind on any subject.

 Above and beyond everything else, he is a music fan. Probably the biggest music fan I  know of. He usually starts off the first segment of his show with a few songs of his choosing and this has always been a good source for me to discover new music.

 This is where I heard my first
Lucinda Williams song. The best way for me to describe Lucinda Williams is that she is like Cheryl Crows sexy aunt. I’m not sure why but that’s the first thing to come to my mind when I hear her music.
 Her music is in the
Americana style which is pretty much a merge of folk, country,  blues and rock. Her song writing is some of the sexiest I have ever heard. Provocative, sexy and edgy! 


It’s interesting that even though I have never met Mitch, he seems to know people who have passed through my life at some point. Andie the hairdresser, Rod the manager at Hurleys downtown etc..

 Mitch Melnyk is my Kevin Bacon!!

Now go listen to Lucinda on the Music Finder!!

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