I grew up listening to the classics. Led Zeppelin, The stones, The beetles, The Who etc... The first record I ever listened to was a 45 LP of Paul Simon singing
love me like a rock. I think I was eight years old and I would play it over and over again. Imagine how annoying it was for my parents to have an eight year old walking around the house singing ‘love me like a rock now baby” over and over again.

The point of all this is that I grew up on rock and roll and blues and I always thought that my musical tastes would remain within the realm of rock, blues and all the similar derivatives.

Change often occurs without you being aware of it. Kind of like the way that couples in long term relationships slowly start dressing the same.

That slow change began for me when I first saw the Movie
Oh Brother, where Art thou! You know, the one with George Clooney....everyone seems to remember George Clooney. In this movie, there was a song called “man of constant sorrow” from the fictitious Soggy Bottom Boys. Every time I heard that song I couldn’t help but smile. Something about the way they harmonize, the call and response type lyrics. It’s just a great song.  In terms of style it’s considered “old Timey music” not really Americana as I mentioned in my previous posting but I guess Americana style music can be considered a derivative of old timey and vice versa. 

That song along with the “
duelling banjos” from the movie Deliverance somehow planted a seed that has expanded my musical inclinations and introduced me to artists such as Jolie Holland, The Be Good Tanya’s and Frazei Ford. They take the Old timey style and put a modern twist on it.

Don’t worry; I’m still a rock and roll blues guy at heart. I just happen to own a Gold Tone banjo now. Someone has to make the banjo cool.  ; )

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