Spicy Thai Scallops
For Christmas eve I'm having the in-laws over and with them being of Italian decent the menu will consist of nothing but seafood and fish!!. No meat.....which means no turkey no stuffing and no cranberry sauce. Not to worry though
 because I will have that the next day with my family.
Thank god!

I'm actually quite excited at having them over and I have been slowly but surely preparing the menu. This latest recipe was essentially a trial run to see if it was worthy for inclusion on Christmas eve. You'll notice on the picture that there seems to be two different kinds of scallops. One of them made the cut and the other one.......just not good enough. The hands down winner was the Spicy Thai scallops. This recipe will have people ranting and raving. It's that good. The beauty of it is that it takes about 20 minutes to do.

So the appetizer is done and I picked out two main courses and another spectacular appetizer.
 I have learned that you can never have enough food when doing things Italian style.
If you are curious maybe I'll post the rest of the menu.

On another note I wanted to thank a Twitter follower for clearing up the distinction between Cilantro and Coriander. Now I understand ; )   http://whatscookingamerica.net/cilantro.htm

Check out the the spicy Thai scallops under Supper anxiety.

Next up......... Oh Brother, where art thou!!

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