Songza and the Mini Boom box!! Sounds a little like a fairy tale and it very well could be if you are a music fanatic like me.

Songza is a music app and website available for most wireless devices and the website can be used on any computer platform. It is essentially a music playlist library that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere if you happen to have your smartphone or Ipad with you.

Songza boasts that their playlists are made by music experts and there is quite a good selection to choose from. You can do advanced searches and come up with some interesting choices. If you are not up for searching then just use the Songza “concierge”. Sounds pretty fancy but it really is just a pre-set of playlist according to time of day, activity, mood etc… If one them suits what you are looking for then you will be quickly streaming music in no time.

Here are a few examples of how I have used Songza to get my music fix:

1) Had friends over with kids and pulled out a dance mix for the kids to go crazy.

2) Used a classic rock playlist for an outdoor BBQ

3 )Looking for ambiance music for a dinner party…look no further.

4) Used the acoustic guitar playlist to find new songs to learn on my guitar.

The Songza App is available for all Android and Apple devices or you can visit the website at http://songza.com


The Mini Boom Box

Being the music fanatic that I am, the thought of having access to my music at all times is very pleasing to me. 

The Mini Boom Box from Logitech is the perfect companion to go along with the Songza App.

I had been looking for a product that would allow me to listen to my music anywhere and anytime I wanted without the constraints of moving speakers or using power cables.
After doing some online research, I finally found exactly what I was looking for. The Logitech mini Boom Box is a great product with sound quality that amazes despite it's tiny size.

When I ordered it online i was shocked to see the size of the box when it showed up in the mail.
This minuscule piece of technology literally fits in the palm of your hand.

This Bluetooth enabled device is simple to set up with any Smart Phone or tablet and can also be connected to any computer using the USB cable.

The set up literally takes seconds and once fully charged you get over 4 hours of wireless music
from your favorite device.

The Mini Boom box is so small you can put it in your pocket and take it with you whether you are
camping or just having a BBQ in your backyard.

Here’s a review i found on Youtube to give you an idea of the sound quality.

This item is also available at Amazon.ca for about 100$

5/6/2016 09:21:49 am

It is really a handy thing. I was convinced by example. Boom Box Mini can be taken anywhere - whether it is a picnic or an ordinary walk in the fresh air.

6/30/2016 02:25:49 am

In the XXI century, I believe it is one of the must-have things. I have always deal with music and the Internet. Boom Box Mini allowed me to get rid of unnecessary problems of how to carry and turn on my acoustic systems if I am not at the convenient place.

8/23/2016 11:41:31 pm

You advised a very good music app. I liked it very much. thank you.


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