Do you remember that wine we had a few weeks ago?? 
“Um..no not really”. You know the red wine we liked so much...I think it was French or maybe Italian?? “Oh yea! that one, with the blueberries on the label”.  I don’t think it was blueberries. 
It must have been grapes since it’s a wine?

So anyways what was the name of it??? ” I have no idea but it was amazing”.

 Does this sound familiar to you? 

 I know for myself it was a regular occurrence. It seems so hard just to keep track  of the little things in life like wines that we like. I used to walk through the SAQ (wine store) mindlessly not knowing what to buy and trying to figure out  which wines I’ve tried before. It’s so frustrating.

For a while I tried removing the labels from the bottle and pasting them in a book. That lasted about two weeks and after many ripped  labels and a lot of swearing I had an epiphany! Why not just post the wines I have tried and love to a website.  

And so the Cellar was born!!!

The wines I post fall into the category of “affordable”meaning  that you will very rarely find anything here over 18$. I am of course looking for collaboration so if you try one of the wines from The Cellar please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. You can also click the Facebook “like”button.

 If you have a wine to recommend, send it to me and I will try it out and who knows, it might even make it into The Cellar.  ; )


 (PS: I will try as much as possible to match the recipes to wines  in the Cellar)

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